A Catholic Community Growing Disciples in Owasso, Oklahoma

1st Reconciliation/1st Communion

1st Reconciliation/1st Communion Prep/Sacrament 1

  • Meets Sunday Mornings from 8:30-9:45am weekly (see calendar for exact dates).
  • It is a two year program that begins in 1st grade and students receive both their 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion during the 2nd year (typically 2nd grade).
    • Those who are in 3rd grade and older but have not received their 1st Reconciliation/Communion will be placed in Sacrament 1.
  • 1st graders must be enrolled and parents/families must be actively participating in Family Catechesis to move onto 2nd year prep.
  • Curriculum used for 1st year 1st communion is Be My Disciples by RCL Benziger. Curriculum used for 2nd year 1st communion is Signs of Grace by Augustine Institute.