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High school Ministry

High School Youth Ministry

Youth Group

9th -12th grade-Meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30, during this time they have the opportunity to socialize with their peers and engage in an activity

 St. Henry Youth Discipleship 

Youth Disciples is a team that consists of 9th-12th graders and is open to all High School students here at St. Henry.   Youth will meet once a month to plan for the younger group, attend training, and work on their spirituality.  The St. Henry Youth Discipleship Program will lead the Jr. High youth nights and encourage their peers to attend various activities throughout the year. Youth Discipleship Application


Throughout the year we provide activities for high school students from lock-ins, service projects, fundraisers, and trips to conferences!  Parent help is needed in order to have these extra activities.  Please contact Katie in the parish office if you are interested in helping

Youth Ministry Scholarships

We do have scholarships available for youth activities/events.  We will take a number of factors into consideration for those who apply for a scholarship; which include but are not limited to attendance in youth group and faith formation classes, participation in youth activities and events, leadership, financial situation available funds, etc. Once request is submitted and email will be sent within 5 business days to notify if request has been granted and the amount. 

Scholarship Request Form

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